Dancers of New Age

We are the dancers of the new age!
The revealers of the glory
that has been shown,
the prophets of the glory
that is to come.

Within the temple of the dance
we have become priests
of the new day,
and perform our mighty
ritual of beauty.

Only obedience to law is liberty,
but the liberty is beauty,
and that law divine.

Hidden from dull ears and
veiled from blinded eyes
is the great rhythm of the universe,
and we are the rhythms of the law
made visible.

We bring you proportion,
which is order,
rhythm, which is power,
and, beauty, which is joy.

Behold the vision of your greater selves,
the images of your dreams,
dancing upon the mountains.

Oh World,
behold and live again.
We have found the secret,
we have found the way,
It is to dance!

-Ruth St. Denis

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