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Biodanza Teachers *


Niraj (Mike) Skilbeck

Niraj leads the Dorset School of Biodanza Using the medium of Biodanza, a series of dance, movements and exercises that create space for a deep experience within oneself and with others. Each workshop is led as a vivencia, a space in which words are dropped and the deep wisdom of the body is entered. Niraj has been into Biodanza since 1997, leads the teacher training program at Osho Leela, he specialises in the Four Elements, Biodanza and Shamanism, AquaBiodanza, Biodanza for Children and the Argonaut Mission. He worked with Rolando Toro directly on many occasions and has been involved in Biodanza in England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil.

He was part of the organising committee for the First NW European Encounter of Biodanza and has organised and led eight International Festivals of Biodanza.


James Stevenson

James’s passion is to help call forth our human potential and our soul. His weave brings together more than 15 years experience in techniques, practices and information from the cutting edge of Neuroscience, Tantra, Biodanza, Energy Work, Integral theory and Taoist practices to create a spirituality that is rooted in the body. His evolutionary approach is to work on all line, levels, states and parts of ourselves in bringing forth our fullest potential.
He started dancing Biodanza in 2003 and teaches in up in Scotland. He also organizes various festivals in different countries. www.awakenlove.co.uk  www.biodanzaedinburgh.com


Guy Barrington

I love to dance, to write, to run workshops, give presentations and seminars, hold ceremony, guyed ritual, to transform and open to new possibilities and potentials. I enjoy guiding people into Heart space through enquiry, feelings, movement, embracing mythic realms and dream landscapes to discover more of our indwelling Heart Song. I have created many ways to facilitate this in an attempt to suit your search, need and desire.

I live in UK, and teach in South West England & London, Ireland & Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway & Denmark, Czech Republic, Ibiza, Lanzarote, USA and soon in Australia.


Gillian Gavin

Gillian Gavin is a qualified Didactic Biodanza facilitator for adults, children and adolescents. She also facilitates ‘Women’s Temple’s workshops through Biodanza in Dublin, the UK and Belgium.

Gillian is a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy and teaches certified training courses, as well as seeing clients on a one-to-one basis in her practice in Clontarf, Dublin. Her love of creativity has also led her to facilitate courses in “The Artist’s Way” for the past 10 years. She resides in Dublin with her 2 children. for more information on her work go to www.gilliangavin.com or my web address is  www.biodanzagillian.com .

 Françoise Leela face

Françoise Masset

I’m from Brussels, Belgium and my main quality is to love life! And to love the dance of life as well. I’m an IBF certified Biodanza teacher since 2006 and didactic teacher since 2012. I have done many specializations such as Biodanza and voice, the 4 elements, Biodanza and the Original Colours, Biodanza and massage etc…

I have had the opportunity to dance with teachers from all over the world and I love to transmit what Biodanza has given me… The joy of life, pleasure in my heart and body, to see beauty and love in ourselves all around us, to fully enjoy the present moment… it’s sacredness, it’s wildness…

 Facilitando en Granada


My highest wish is to discover the truth of who I am and share with others so we can live this gift of life from the best possible versón of ourselves that is fulfilling every inch of our existence.
Biodanza for me is an amazing tool to open enough space within to realise that we are infinite beings. Being naturally happy is a choice that you choose by saying Yes to life in your heart.

I brought biodanza to Valencia, Spain in 2004 and I have been one of the creators of the Valencia biodanza school as the coordinator for nine years. I had the privilege of receiving the didacta training directly from Rolando Toro from 2008 to 2010 and I have been also trained in minotaur project in Italy.

I have taught biodanza classes, workshops and festival in many countries as Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany , Norway , England, Holland, Brazil, Dubai, India, Israel, Russia and Thailand.

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Silvan Schalken

Ubuntu:”I’m because of you are”. We are all one. This is my motto in life.
I’ve been teaching Biodanza for more than 5 years. No nonsense and down to earth that’s how I like to describe my way of teaching. I’m playful, sensual, sensitive, creative and I have a strong connection with Africa.
For me it is important that I keep on integrating Biodanza in my life and live my dreams to share them with the world.

I love to work with the voice, in nature and dance with men’s groups.
The extension The hearth of transformation inspired me for my teaching. More information of how I live my life: www.ubuntuswingparty.nl  www.mvura-kumusha.nl

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Merel Sloot

With my 26 years I’m the youngest Biodanza teacher in Holland, and maybe in Europe, I don’t know… I started the Rolando Toro School of Biodanza Utrecht with Yoni Vogelius and Guy Barrington when I was 18 years old, and finished it when I was 21.
Naturally I love to teach young people, so I started with some of my own friends. About 2 years ago I started the first Dutch group especially for youngsters in their twenties and thirties together with Danielle Ploegmakers in Rotterdam. Last January I started a second one in Utrecht, and it’s pure bliss! I love to see my student play and grow together, I love to create a nice, safe space for them to discover them self’s and each other.

Next to this I organize with a group of young people at Eigentijdse Jongeren. We create events, workshop day’s, evenings and festivals in Holland also for people in their twenties and thirties. And I teach Biodanza there as well. I’m very ambitious, as I’m also active in the VBN, Dutch Teachers Association, Stichting Vrienden van Biodanza, a Foundation that supports Biodanza for special groups and I’m in the team of the Rolando Toro School of Biodanza in Rotterdam (near to where I live).


Chiyono (Helen) Gilroy

Chiyono (Helen) Gilroy was the first facilitator to bring Biodanza to Malta. With her partner David Goodman she successfully introduced Biodanza to hundreds of people from all walks of life. In a country which is heavily oppressed by the strictest Orthodox Catholic Church and with most people having no experience of dancing, this was no small feat. She currently leads a thriving weekly Biodanza group in Malta. She has been practising Biodanza for 8 years and has taught internationally, including the U.K, Brazil, Andorra and Israel.

Her passion in Biodanza is to transmit that we are all divine beings and that love is our true essence. When we are in touch with this, great depths of happiness are possible. Her direction is to bring this recognition of your true self into your experience.


David Goodman

David Goodman brought Biodanza to Malta with his partner Chiyono (Helen), where he currently facilitates weekly classes. His interest in movement began 15 years ago with 5 rhythms, but he has now been practising Biodanza for 7 years, and has taught internationally. He has a deep interest in manifestation techniques and has for 10 years given belief change workshops, successfully assisting people to change their lives through changing their beliefs.

For David, Biodanza is about being alive and expanding the boundaries that define who you are. It’s finding ways to connect with others in a way you never thought was possible and discovering new depths of happiness.

* Please note these are the currently confirmed teachers but this is always subject to slight change with unforeseen circumstances.